The overall objective of the training is relating to the central level staff capacity to maintain FORMIS in the future, support FORMIS exit strategy and support the handing over the FORMIS training responsibility to different stakeholders.

  1. Objectives:

The main objectives are to improve the FPD central administration, DID, Universities and Regional sub-FPD:

1)     Capacity and commitment to manage Forest Resource Monitoring Process, Forest Resource Monitoring System and the related human capacity building and technical assistance at all administration levels.

2)     Understanding of FORMIS training management and FORMIS System

3)     Maintenance and update of FORMIS e-learning system

4)     Engagement to coming FORMIS training activities


Expected results

-   Participants understand the forest monitoring process and the main functions of the FRMS system including the work with FRMS desktop and web applications.

-   Participants understand the related training and technical assistance needs of FRMS and FORMIS at all administration levels.

-   Participants know how FRMS is supporting the data quality improvement, data standardisation and maintenance of the Forest Resource Database

-   Participants have capacity to take over the responsibility of the FRMS training management and they are familiar of FORMIS training process and management.

-   Participants are familiar with the FORMIS e-learning system and how to use it in different FORMIS related training (maintenance and updating)